The Australian 2010 MTBO Team:

Men: Steven Cusworth, Grant LebbinkAdrian Jackson, Alex Randall

Women: Mary Fien, Melanie Simpson

And Australia´s first ever junior MTBO team (only junior men for 2010): Chris Firman, Marc Gluskie, Luke Polland

Officials: Kay Haasma (coach),Brihony Lebbink (team assistance)

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Training camp begins

Monday, 5 July 2010

Before I continue, we would like to congratulate those involved with the selection trials earlier this year.   The general consensus is that the areas we have seen so far in Portugal are remarkably similar to Jenolan East.  Well chosen!

The team arrives... mostly
We all (expect Luke and Mary's bike, see below) met up on Friday evening at the camping ground near Chaves where we will be staying some cosy bungalows for the next week.  Chaves is a smallish town, but has an enormous supermarket and a reasonably bike shop, so the basics are covered.  The campgroud is good, although somewhat particular about each person carrying an identification card to make sure we are not trespassing into the campground.

Luke has been travelling through Spain for the last couple of weeks and learnt the hard way that some European trains will not allow bikes to be taken on board.  Even once packed.   He rang on Friday morning to let us know that he was still in Barcelona and had mananged to book a sequence of buses that would have him arriving in Chaves late on Saturday night.  A good lesson for all travelling with bikes.  To our pleasant surprise he rang at about 7pm on Saturday to say that he'd found an earlier bus and was in Chaves already.   

Mary's bike is currently waiting for the customs officials in Porto to feel so inclined to sign it out.  She has been road cycling around Italy and France in the last weeks and had her mtb sent by airfreight.  Unfortunately, British Airways decided to send it later than expected and it arrived in Lisbon some hours after she drove northwards. 

And the terrain and races?
The last two days have been a couple local races.  There are several of the international teams, including the Danes, German, Russians and Poles, using this as a way of seeing a bit of the local terrain.   It has been hot, steep and rocky.  As advertised.  The results are not at my disposal right now, so I'll write more on that soon.  Mary was lucky enough to hire a bike (of sorts) and got to experience v-brakes, cheap gearing and platform pedals.  Steve, whos bike was somewhat worse for wear after the plane trip, had a bit of tumble and broke his seat.  He is patiently waiting for the internet so that he can by replacement bits and pieces...