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Training Part 2 Friday, 19 August 2011
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Gearing up for Italy Thursday, 28 July 2011 Gearing up for Italy

Training Part 2

Friday, 19 August 2011

Day three of training and we had been joined by Mel, who has been deported from Norway. We had a short warm up to the start from our accomodation. It began with a fast road descend followed by a rather steep ascent to the starting point. Marc and Oscar won the warm up to the top in convincing fashion! Once we made it to the start we were given two middle distance courses to ride individually. Evererone found parts of the mapping to be rather dubious and the steep hills were hard going. It was extremely hot and a break before starting the second course was very welcome. When we arrived back to the car after the second exercise  Lizzie had cut her finger ioen trying to cut rolls for Lunch. Luckily Mel is a doctor so she was patched up quickly and everything was ok. 

Everyone was feeling pretty tired the next day so we had a rest day in preparation for a race with other countries on Wednesday. The boys headed off for an easy group ride on the Brendola map for a hour and unfortunately Marc broke his derailleur cage and snapped his chain in the same ride. Coffee afterwards in Perarollo was much appreciated by Steve and Alex. Mel also headed to the same map to do some map training the same as the boys had done on teh first training day. 

After the ride everyone headed into Vicenza for a look around at the beautiful buildings and streets. A few checked out the oldest indoor theater in Europe (500 years old) which was rather impressive. The tassie boys all brought postcards for their girlfriends and chilled in air conditioned McDonalds.


On Wednesday we headed to a race put on by the locals. It was held around the vineyards and was extremely hills and at some parts rather confusing. The mercury hit 38 degrees and drinking a lot before, during and after the race was extremely important. After a while riding water bottles were boiling hot and very unpleasant to drink!

Alex finished in 70 minutes as the fastest Aussie with Steve, Oscar and Tom also finishing the full course.   

After the race we downed heaps of water and fruit when we met Lizzie at the finish line and then had a very filling meal of spaghetti at a local restaurant. We went in search of a bike shops after this but it seems to be a public holiday or something during August because we had found a couple but they weren't open until 20th August. We eventually found one and stocked up on everything. Chris purchased a rather pricey derailleur as his was bent and Mel got some slick new riding shoes. 

After this we headed to Longario to where we thought the sprint was to be held but when we headed home discovered the location had been changed! Anyway we had a nice walk around the town and got an ice cream then headed home for a delicious cous-cous meal prepared by Lizzie.